Posting a new blog entry

By: Danny Malouin
Posting a blog entry

The following is a step-by-step guide to create a new blog entry from a website's front end interface using StackIdea's EasyBlog component based on the Joomla CMS.

Step 1

Head off to your blog management URL and log in with your author creadentials.

Step 2

From the blog admin toolbar, choose the "Add new blog" button.

Step 3

The first step of the composer view wants you to choose from pre-defined layouts (templates). For this exampe, we'll just use the default (first one).

Step 4

Once in "composer" mode, the interface (on desktops) offers it's main edit/preview panel on the left, some action buttons on top and relative configuration options on the right.

The composer is based on using blocks of different content types in the edit/preview zone by selecting the Insert Block menu from the top toolbar. When selected, the right configuration panel will show the different content blocks you can either select or drag & drop into your edit/preview panel. 

Step 5

Most blog posts have what is referred to as a Post Cover image. This image can be uploaded directly from the composer using the Post Cover menu in the top toolbar.  

Step 6

Review and Publish your work. Depending on the permissions your site administrator setup for you, you may only have permission to submit the blog entry and wait for it to be approved. Nevertheless, this is where you "submit" your work. This can be done from the top right submit or publish button (green or blue button).

Once submitted (or published), you will be routed back to your list of posts where you can always select that same post to come back and edit it as required.